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i think i remember you from a long, long time ago

Why hello strangers! I was gone for a LONG time. I neglected my blog, and I am sorry. But to be honest, the break was really very nice.

I finally have pictures of the EPIC ROAD TRIP that Sean and I went on. I think I will split them into a couple of posts, just because I can. But before I share those, I need to say a little something. This blog is probably going to change a bit. I don’t think I am going to have a posting schedule like I had before. I will try to do DIY’s, but I can’t promise one every week. The same goes for the Five Faves and W.I.P.’s. I was getting too worked up about the blog and I wasn’t really enjoying it.

Plus, it’s official, I have registered for school. I am finally going to get my degree done.( Yes, I was in school before but I was only a part-time student.) And I don’t think I can commit to going back to school full-time (queue nightmares), in addition to work AND continue to publish on the blog like I was.

We will just have to see together.

Now, fun pictures of places I want to be.

Washington DC

Sean and I started our vacation in Washington D.C. and I think we saw nearly everything. (I know that is impossible, but we did se A LOT)…we trekked. Here are some of the highlights.

(didn’t Sean take a great picture? He took all of these by the way)

We got right up on the front lawn:) Not really.

The Calder Room in the National Gallery was pretty amazing…

And we saw so much more. I am pretty sure my brain exploded after those few days in D.C..

Virginia Beach

Impressions: Highly Manicured. Touristy. But great nonetheless. It had been a while since I had seen the ocean.

We had a great view from our room. And free bike rentals. So of course we biked along the beach.

We walked on the barefoot on the beach.

That’s all for now folks:)


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five faves: greenery

So, if you couldn’t tell by the last two DIY’s, I have really been enjoying flowers and plants lately. I would love to fill my apartment with plants and flowers.

This is a recent development.

I used to be awful about plants. Any that were unlucky enough to come through my door died. Almost immediately. And I was heartbroken about that.

But on a whim I bought a plant in January. And it is still alive. Then I got a number of air-plants. They are still living. And then my Mom gave me an Aloe and it is still kickin.

I am so proud of myself. My Plant-Keeping-Confidence has bloomed.

Thus, today’s Five Faves.

As we all know, I like pallets, so when I spotted this on Poppytalk I was like “Oh Yeah!”. That would be so easy to do, if you have the space, correct lighting, etc… (from here).

This is one of the coolest DIY‘s I have seen on Design*Sponge. These string gardens are so cool! (here).

Speaking of DIY’s and hanging gardens, this is a neat DIY from Skinny Laminx. I love the modernized macrame look, and it seems far more practical than the string gardens (as cool as they are). (from here).

Saipua is one of my favorite blogs. I love looking at the beautiful pictures of flowers! And I love that chest table. And the cluster of plants on the tray. And the colors. And of course the dog! (from here).

I don’t know if this would work inside, but I love the ingenuity of it. I mean how economical can you get? It is a shoe organizer turned planter. And wouldn’t it be an awesome way to grow herbs? (That is a real question, I don’t really know:)) (Found here.)

I hope that got you inspired to get your hands dirty and play in some dirt!

Until tomorrow:)

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wip: expressive figures pt 3

So on to the third of these itty bitty expressive figure paintings. I got the inspiration for these figures from a pack of vintage photos I bought on Etsy. And I am starting to think, that might be one of the best ways to do it:)

I love painting like this!

Until later:)

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wip: expressive figures pt 1

So, I know I said I was ready to begin painting that one painting, you know the one, again. Truth is, I don’t know if I ever will be.

I started out thinking I would challenge myself to paint is as photo realistially as possible.

But, I can’t stand painting photo realistically.

The few times I have tried, I nearly pulled my hair out. And this is no exception. I think I may re-paint that dreaded painting it a way I am more comfortable with. But that will have to wait.

Here is a little painting I did while avoiding work on the big bad one. I did a few of these, so I will be sharing them over the next few weeks.

So, here is the first.

It was such a relief painting so loosely. I get so wound up painting the “other way”. ┬áBut at least I have learned my limits.

Until next time friends!

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d.i.y.: easter egg fail

Hello World! I have finally come out to see you. I do apologize for missing you these last couple of days, but I was pretty worthless at the time if that makes a difference. I was an odd mixture of too busy, lazy, sleepy and sneezy. So chalk me down for being two of the seven dwarfs..

I did plan this DIY, though. It WAS going to be awesome. I was going to dye Easter eggs with all natural dyes. I had all of these really intricate designs cut meticulously out of masking tape. They were going to be the prettiest eggs I had ever decorated.

But I forgot to get the ingredients for natural dyes.

And then my intricate designs cut from masking tape, didn’t stick to the eggs.

I was heartbroken.

On to plan B.


So I took my design-repellent eggs, and covered them in strips of masking tape that I tore into thinner strips (if that makes sense). Make sure the edges are pressed down as well as possible. You don’t want any dye seeping in.

When I had taped them up to my hearts content, I mixed the dye. I used food coloring instead of say beet juice, grape juice, blah, blah, blah (here’s a list of fruits, veggies and spices you can use to dye your eggs), but it worked just fine.

The ratio is 1/2 cup boiling water + 1 teaspoon white vinegar + as many drops of food coloring you desire. It makes a pretty strong dye. I let mine “steep” for 10 minutes.

When they are done, take them out of the dye, one-by-one, and wipe off the excess dye with a paper towel. If you do this, you don’t get the irritating dark circle of dye on the bottom from where the egg sat.

Carefully peel the masking tape off the eggs, and TA DA! I was thinking it might be really interesting to dye the egg all one color, then mask of bits and dye it again. I think if you do that though, you have to start with the lightest color first…..

I don’t know.

But I do like the way they turned out. The colors are deep and they aren’t exactly your run-of-the-mill Easter Eggs.

Zeus seemed to like them too…

Plus, he can sub as our bunny on Easter.

Well, I hope that lengthy post got you motivated to decorate some eggs for Easter. And then make some egg salad:)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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wimpy w.i.p.

Herro Friends!

I woke up this morning to fresh coffee and stinky dog breath. I would call that the start of a good day.

But unfortunately, I don’t feel like I have too much to show in the way of progress…The first painting has been frustrating me to no end. A friend recommended that I give it a rest and come back to it in a week, which might be a pretty good idea. And the second painting, I still can’t decide how I want to paint the background. Oh wells. (notice the “s” on the back of well? that is what we do in New Mexico)

Do you have any suggestions?????


Anywhos….I am off to install a corner table/headboard thing!


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wednesday work in progress

Hello Everyone! How is your morning going? I hope very well.

I spent some time early this week working on this painting. I finally feel like I am getting it to go in the direction I’ve wanted. Yes! There is actually an end in sight. For a while there, I didn’t think that was going to happen.

What do you think? Obviously there are things that still need work, details, and passes, but it looks like a real painting now. I already fixed arm on the left….It was waaaay to thin.

Let’s just Sheen this and say “I’m winning”.

I am just kidding. Until next time:)


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everybody’s working for the weekend

TGIF Friends!

I don’t have to be back at “work”, aka “the buck”, until Tuesday! I am so excited to have that many days in a row to work on my paintings!

Here are a couple snaps of the paintings I am working on. The first one I drafted, woodburned, and did the first pass on last night. The second, you have seen before….I am slowly working on it. It is slowly getting done. But I plan on putting on my productive pants this weekend and making serious progress. I even updated my ipod with new music to get that motivation flowing:)

Well there you go! I gotta run. Have a wonderful weekend and I will be back Monday:)

And Happy Birthday Dad! (it’s his birthday tomorrow…so I am making Key Lime Pie)


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work in progress…

Happy Wednesday Afternoon!

I just have a quick post for today. I gotta run run run:) Well, I do have to get some things done today so I have time to make the Hunny Bacon Buttermilk Pancakes for dinner…

Yes they are delicious. And no, I am not inclined to share. Sorry.

But here are a couple of pics of some small pieces I started last night. And I feel I am nearing the end of my wood-burning career. I can’t shake these nasty headaches I get when I do it, regardless of having windows open, a fan blowing, and a face mask. What is the deal?

I am probably just a pansy.

Here we go:

All drawn out and burned. waiting for painting.

And this is just like the one I posted last Friday… But I am still trying to decide if I am going to do any carving. I really like the colors in the wood on this one, so I don’t think I want to carve them away.

Alright then. I am off:)

Have a great day and I will be back tomorrow!


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w.i.p.: new work in progress

TGIF Friends! I am so glad it is Friday! I have been busy at work, and I bet you have too. Now while I will be working again in the studio on Saturday, I can’t wait to spend a relaxing Sunday with my family. Maybe I will make a fancy schmacy dinner? Maybe I will consider that too much work when Sunday rolls around? Who knows? What I do know is on Sunday I am going to pull on my “lazy pants” and have a grand lazy time. Or maybe go to the roller-rink.

Anyway, that is two days away and I still have work to do. But here is some of the work I have already done… It’s not finished, so don’t judge. What it is is this: similar, but larger scrap wood surface, wood carving and wood burning (I have only burned myself once so far, thank you very much). Pretty much all new to me, so let’s see how this goes. Hopefully it works out and suits me in the end.

Have a wonderful weekend! And I will be back on Monday with a new DIY!

And stop by and say “Hey” on my Facebook page if you haven’t already:)

The Week in Review:

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