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w.i.p.: expressive figures, the end

So, here is the final expressive figure painting of the group.

Maybe next week I will have something new for you…

No, I will. Maybe there will even be pictures of the Awesome Vacation I just got back from???


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wip: expressive figures pt 3

So on to the third of these itty bitty expressive figure paintings. I got the inspiration for these figures from a pack of vintage photos I bought on Etsy. And I am starting to think, that might be one of the best ways to do it:)

I love painting like this!

Until later:)

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w.i.p.: expressive figures pt 2

And I’m back!

And like promised, I have more expressive figure paintings to share.

So, here we are:

What a colorful couple! Can you tell I am excited for summer?

Sorry for the quick post, but I gotta run. Have a wonderful day!


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wip: expressive figures pt 1

So, I know I said I was ready to begin painting that one painting, you know the one, again. Truth is, I don’t know if I ever will be.

I started out thinking I would challenge myself to paint is as photo realistially as possible.

But, I can’t stand painting photo realistically.

The few times I have tried, I nearly pulled my hair out. And this is no exception. I think I may re-paint that dreaded painting it a way I am more comfortable with. But that will have to wait.

Here is a little painting I did while avoiding work on the big bad one. I did a few of these, so I will be sharing them over the next few weeks.

So, here is the first.

It was such a relief painting so loosely. I get so wound up painting the “other way”. ¬†But at least I have learned my limits.

Until next time friends!

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awful pictures


I have a work in progress to share.


the photo is horrible.

I seem to be stuck in an awful-photo-taking-slump.

maybe it is because I have been so busy lately.

excuses. excuses.

anyway here is my awful picture.

Until Friday….

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work in progress, finishing up the “just for fun”

Happy Wednesday! AKA Hump Day. AKA the day before my Birthday. AKA the day before my Hunny treats me to a delicious Rack of Ribs! MMMMMNNNNNnnn.

I have been talking about ribs, and how delicious ribs are, and how I am getting them on my Birthday to the point of absurdity. But, all this girl needs for a good birthday is a stack of napkins and, mmmmmmmmnnnnn, ribs.

But in the meantime, when I wasn’t ¬†drooling, I finished up those “just for fun” paintings I started while taking a break from my other paintings. Here they are:

I showed you the beginning of this one last week.

And then, just because pushing paint around can be so fun, I did these three little non-objective paintings.

Well, I am off! Have a good one, and I will be back tomorrow!

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wip: painting for fun

As you may remember, I was working on a rather large painting and getting very very very very frustrated. So I took a break. I still wanted to paint, just not that painting.

This is what I have finished/ begun since.

Remember this one? Here it is.

And just for fun, I started this. It is all of 5 by 5 inches and there is no pressure.

There you are friends!

I will be back Friday:)


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w.i.p.: i hope slow and steady wins the race

Hello Everyone!

I hope your Wednesday is going wonderfully! The weather here in the ABQ, really couldn’t be nicer. Possibly the perfect nap weather??? Cause I am seriously draggin’ and caffeine isn’t helping.

Anyway, this is what I managed to get done this last weekend on this painting. More has been done than you can see, trust me, but I had better kick it into gear and get this done so I can start another. I am still struggling with the face, but I am thinking that has something to do with the fact that I ALWAYS work on it when I am without natural light. And the yellow incandescent bulbs in my studio make the colors look all wonky. You think I would have learned by now…

My plan is to finish the layout, correcting little bits here and there, and then start glazing for a deeper look. Will it work? Who knows. I know there is still a lot wrong with it, but in some spots it is starting to go right.

Have a great rest of your day:)

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everybody’s working for the weekend

TGIF Friends!

I don’t have to be back at “work”, aka “the buck”, until Tuesday! I am so excited to have that many days in a row to work on my paintings!

Here are a couple snaps of the paintings I am working on. The first one I drafted, woodburned, and did the first pass on last night. The second, you have seen before….I am slowly working on it. It is slowly getting done. But I plan on putting on my productive pants this weekend and making serious progress. I even updated my ipod with new music to get that motivation flowing:)

Well there you go! I gotta run. Have a wonderful weekend and I will be back Monday:)

And Happy Birthday Dad! (it’s his birthday tomorrow…so I am making Key Lime Pie)


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after a weekend of holding out on you

Like I said on Friday, I diligently worked on the Bird painting last week. Here is the picture I taunted you with then made you wait a weekend for…

See, I put the first passes down for all of the birds. Now I have to go back in and do highlights, shadows and details…

Have a wonderful day, I am off to my first day of school. how exciting.


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