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w.i.p.: expressive figures, the end

So, here is the final expressive figure painting of the group.

Maybe next week I will have something new for you…

No, I will. Maybe there will even be pictures of the Awesome Vacation I just got back from???


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wip: expressive figures pt 3

So on to the third of these itty bitty expressive figure paintings. I got the inspiration for these figures from a pack of vintage photos I bought on Etsy. And I am starting to think, that might be one of the best ways to do it:)

I love painting like this!

Until later:)

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w.i.p.: expressive figures pt 2

And I’m back!

And like promised, I have more expressive figure paintings to share.

So, here we are:

What a colorful couple! Can you tell I am excited for summer?

Sorry for the quick post, but I gotta run. Have a wonderful day!


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wip: expressive figures pt 1

So, I know I said I was ready to begin painting that one painting, you know the one, again. Truth is, I don’t know if I ever will be.

I started out thinking I would challenge myself to paint is as photo realistially as possible.

But, I can’t stand painting photo realistically.

The few times I have tried, I nearly pulled my hair out. And this is no exception. I think I may re-paint that dreaded painting it a way I am more comfortable with. But that will have to wait.

Here is a little painting I did while avoiding work on the big bad one. I did a few of these, so I will be sharing them over the next few weeks.

So, here is the first.

It was such a relief painting so loosely. I get so wound up painting the “other way”. ¬†But at least I have learned my limits.

Until next time friends!

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awful pictures


I have a work in progress to share.


the photo is horrible.

I seem to be stuck in an awful-photo-taking-slump.

maybe it is because I have been so busy lately.

excuses. excuses.

anyway here is my awful picture.

Until Friday….

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finally, work in progress

Yes! I did it! I didn’t fail you this time.

I have a work in progress pic to share. Unbelievable, right?

But true.

I sucked up all the courage I could muster and started painting this painting again. Which painting? I know, it has been a while since I could even look at it without getting, well, a little cranky.

And just a side note, the first picture’s color is off. I am sorry. I tried.

See, I am feeling good right now. I worked on this painting without getting frustrated. Look at me go!

Well, I will be back later.

Have the most wonderful day!

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work in progress, finishing up the “just for fun”

Happy Wednesday! AKA Hump Day. AKA the day before my Birthday. AKA the day before my Hunny treats me to a delicious Rack of Ribs! MMMMMNNNNNnnn.

I have been talking about ribs, and how delicious ribs are, and how I am getting them on my Birthday to the point of absurdity. But, all this girl needs for a good birthday is a stack of napkins and, mmmmmmmmnnnnn, ribs.

But in the meantime, when I wasn’t ¬†drooling, I finished up those “just for fun” paintings I started while taking a break from my other paintings. Here they are:

I showed you the beginning of this one last week.

And then, just because pushing paint around can be so fun, I did these three little non-objective paintings.

Well, I am off! Have a good one, and I will be back tomorrow!

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wip: painting for fun

As you may remember, I was working on a rather large painting and getting very very very very frustrated. So I took a break. I still wanted to paint, just not that painting.

This is what I have finished/ begun since.

Remember this one? Here it is.

And just for fun, I started this. It is all of 5 by 5 inches and there is no pressure.

There you are friends!

I will be back Friday:)


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bucket list

I have decided I need to make a list of things I want to do before I, well, die. I don’t mean to be morbid. I am simply setting goals. Some are exciting. Some are interesting. And man, is this going to be a work in progress.

I guess I originally got the idea from a blog I read a while ago. I, unfortunately, don’t remember the blog’s name or have any idea on how to find it again. But the lady who ran it had a list. A LONG LONG list of things she wanted to do. And she had added to it as she had new ideas, and crossed ’em off as she completed them.

So this idea has been running through my head since I saw that, like 5 months ago. I would think, “Yeah! I need a list!” and then, “Oh….that is a lot of pressure…ehhhh.” But now, (cue motivational attitude) I think it is time to suck it up, stand up straight, and just do it.

So here’s what I have to start, in no particular order (and a picture. because I believe every post I do should have a picture):

  1. Go on a road trip. (I am doing this this summer…I had to start easy)
  2. Visit Spain. especially Basque.
  3. Have the most wonderful wedding with Sean.
  4. Conquer my fear of Doctor’s offices.
  5. Have chickens.
  6. Learn to make the perfect crepes.
  7. Finish my degree. And then maybe go balls to the walls and get my Masters.
  8. Plant and keep a successful garden. I am thinking brussels sprouts, beets, tomatoes, lettuce, fennel, leeks….a lemon tree.
  9. Get over hating pictures of myself.
  10. Have a one (wo)man show.
  11. Visit Memphis. Just cause.
  12. Finally throw a HUGE themed party. I am thinking 80’s or Mad Men
  13. Learn to run a profitable one-person business (not necessarily fun, but worth it).
  14. Take a carpentry class
  15. Start dancing again. I loved my ballroom and flamenco classes.
  16. Create a huge installation piece

Well, I think that is good for now. I think I will keep adding to this, just like the original I saw. And maybe put it under its own header at the top. Oh, the pressure….I love it:)

Enjoy your weekend and I will be back Tuesday:)


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a now for something completely different

Hello Everyone! How is your (spring cleaning/spring break/lent/allergy season) treating you?

I got sooooooooo much cleaning done today. And yes, I think I do deserve all of those extra “o”s on the back of “so” because that is how much scrubbing, dusting, re-organizing, etc., I did today.

I also worked on my bedroom a bit. You may remember, that I mentioned a while ago that I was “re-decorating” our bedroom. And to quote Oprah, “I understand that this is a marathon, not a sprint”. True, I do want to take my time building up to a beautiful, relaxing and grown up space but I feel like all of my recent effort has really started to show some results.

This is my “Work in Progress” for today.

But first I want to share some bedrooms that I have drawn some inspiration from.

I saw this a couple of weeks ago on Seesaw and I love the simplicity (read white) in it. Man, I really wish I had hardwood floors….

And while I love bedroom number 1, this one is amazing! I love the pale creams and yellows against the dark floor with the greenery and rustic wood. Yes please. Found here.

That said, my room is NOWHERE near as impressive. But I have it arranged in the best way possible. My Pops made the custom triangle shaped table that fits behind the bed (love). Angling the bed like that really allowed us to maximize the small space.

I really want to get a vintage wool blanket for the end of the bed… and I haven’t decided, but maybe make a cool pendant light to hang down over it… and definitely new pillows.

And this is the other wall. I really want to get more plants for in here- especially since I have been keeping them alive lately- and I can’t wait to bring back little beach-y souvenirs from our upcoming trip, and cover the wall in framed photos!

Until later, with love.


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