been up to what?

Yeah? What exactly have I been up to?

A lot.

For example:

When we got back from our awesome summer vacation, I decided I wanted to learn about farming. But I especially wanted to learn about cheese making.

I told a couple of my friends and got the giggle with, “You are such a hippie…”

But I found a nearby dairy, and volunteered there a couple of times making cheese. And guess what? I really really liked it.

And I keep having dreams about my very own farm with chickens, ducks,  a few cows, maybe a pig or two…


I think not.

image from here.


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4 responses to “been up to what?

  1. Well, it wasn’t a giggle so much as I though you were having me on… I had NO IDEA you were into that sort of stuff. I mean, I knew you were into cooking, but farming? That’s awesome!

    Also, I look forward to some Andrea Cheeses!

  2. Natalie

    I have been to that dairy! The goats are soooo cute!

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