diy: glitter heart pins


I hope you are enjoying your day of LOVE:) I know a lot of people hate Valentine’s, calling it a “Hallmark Holiday” and celebrating Anti-Valentine’s Day. And there is nothing wrong with that. Actually the last time (before these last couple of weeks) I made anything special to celebrate the holiday I was in High School. Some friends and I made necklaces and earrings with little letter beads that said “F (heart) U”. Sure, it isn’t polite, but we thought it was funny. So I understand Valentine Hate; I have been there.

But, now I am thinking that it should be a day to let the people you love (Friends, Family, Significant Others) know you love them. Yes, you can do this everyday, but you have an excuse to CELEBRATE IT!

So I decided to make these little Heart Pins to wear to work (yes, I am working) today. I made enough to share and give away.  Why not make a strangers day with a little Valentine?

DIY: Glitter Heart Pins

So have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and I LOVE YOU:)




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6 responses to “diy: glitter heart pins

  1. Sweet and quick! My kind of crafting. Thanks.

  2. Cathy Shiel

    This is why I love you…the pins are so sweet. Love and sharing love, never goes out of style.
    Hugs to you, Nain

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