diy: reclaimed book cardholder

It’s Monday again! Yaaaayy. But that means it is time for another DIY so, YAY!

Today I am going to share a super easy card holder. I made this is in a panic for my first craft show. I decided I Really Really needed an awesome business card holder/display, but I didn’t have much time or the funds for a fancy one. So, I made one. It only took me about 30 minutes to make, and it has since been an awesome Christmas card holder, mail organizer, and it very well maybe a Valentine holder in the near future.

Here’s how you do it…

There you have it. It is actually really easy to do, and I bet if the book you used was a hardback you could skip the wood base altogether.

Have a great one and I will be back tomorrow.

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all tape and starburst clipart is from puglypixel.


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29 responses to “diy: reclaimed book cardholder

  1. Oh, wow…this is definitely going to be my business card display at my next craft sale.

  2. What a cool idea! Simple, cheap and elegant – my kind of project :)

  3. This is so cool! What an awesome idea!

  4. Gilliauna

    I have my very first craft show in two weeks and I’m so doing this for the show! Thanks so much! *Smile* I was just wondering earlier today how I was going to manage that part of things.


  5. Thanks everybody! And best of luck with your Craft Show, Gilliauna!

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  8. Hi andrea,

    I’m just trying out your project right now, but i’m having some trouble…
    The pieces of the book break at the spine because the book gets twice as big.
    I used a paperback novel, did you use a hardback or something?

    Thank you by the way, it’s a really cool idea!

    • it’s solved already…
      first time I used a completly glued paperback…
      But now i tried it with a sown and glued paperback book and that does work…

      I’ve already made three :)

      • I had a similar problem when I tried making one with an old paperback and the glue had pretty much disintegrated . Pages fell out and the spine broke in half. It wasn’t pretty.
        The one pictured is a glued paperback. Maybe the book had been used enough to make the spine flexible…But it worked out just fine for me.

        But I am happy you figured it out and made 3 already! They can be pretty addicting :)

  9. Last weekend, I was at an antique show that had some beautiful folded page art. I showed pictures on my blog and said I’d love to see a tutorial- and viola- I found you via Cafe Cartolina.

    Thanks for the instructions- I already have a book picked out.

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  11. That is very elegant. Great idea!

  12. I love that! I might cry folding book pages like that, though… Surely I can find at least one book I can bear to do this with. Great idea!

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  15. What a cool idea! It looks neat…but it’d be so hard to find a book to destroy. Maybe some sad thing from Goodwill or something. :)

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  18. I came across these a while back. I have always disliked just putting my card in my pots on the table at a sale. This idea rocks. Just made on the other day, will be taking it for a spin next weekend at a sale.
    Sally Anne

  19. I stumbled on this today and HAD to make one right now. I think it would be great for Christmas cards on my front table. I went to my book closet and started poking around. You mentioned that a hard back might sit flat, so I chose one of those. It was my Dr. Phil weight loss book – since I haven’t looked at that book since 10 diets ago, I figured it was a great one to use – not to mention it had a red cover which is perfect for Christmas. I’ll blog about it tomorrow or Monday and link back. Oh and the hardcover book lays perfectly flat. Awesome!


  20. I have made three and use them to display rings and jewelry at my craft shows! I have gotten so many compliments on this unique idea that I just wanted to say Thank you for the inspiration!

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  23. how much page should it hav at the minimum?

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