my list.

This is THE list. The one I started here. The one I plan on adding to as I think of new things, AND crossing off as I complete. Look at me go.
  1. Go on a road trip. (I am doing this this summer…I had to start easy)
  2. Visit Spain. especially Basque.
  3. Have the most wonderful wedding with Sean.
  4. Conquer my fear of Doctor’s offices.
  5. Have chickens.
  6. Learn to make the perfect crepes.
  7. Finish my degree. And then maybe go balls to the walls and get my Masters.
  8. Plant and keep a successful garden. I am thinking brussels sprouts, beets, tomatoes, lettuce, fennel, leeks….a lemon tree.
  9. Get over hating pictures of myself.
  10. Have a one (wo)man show.
  11. Visit Memphis. Just cause.
  12. Finally throw a HUGE themed party. I am thinking 80′s or Mad Men
  13. Learn to run a profitable one-person business (not necessarily fun, but worth it).
  14. Take a carpentry class
  15. Start dancing again. I loved my ballroom and flamenco classes.
  16. Create a huge installation piece
  17. Eat at The Hominy Grill
  18. Re-read Jane Eyre (I was in love with that book in High School)

2 responses to “my list.

  1. Elsbeth

    I just got back from three months living in Mexico proper, not New Mexico the state:) and while. I’ve always been a book neard, my boyfriend isn’t. (or at least some hippies convinced him he wasn’t. He totally is.

    But so I got an ereader on my iPhone and downloaded books for him that I thought would get him interested in reading again (huck finn, gullivers travels, Sherlock stuff like that) and I read stuffing like, and one of the things I re read was Jane eyre. I totally think you should do it. I was so glad I did. Forgot how great it is. Read it ASAP!

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