no, i am not a stoner…

This is pretty freakin’ amazing.


Just saying.

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been up to what?

Yeah? What exactly have I been up to?

A lot.

For example:

When we got back from our awesome summer vacation, I decided I wanted to learn about farming. But I especially wanted to learn about cheese making.

I told a couple of my friends and got the giggle with, “You are such a hippie…”

But I found a nearby dairy, and volunteered there a couple of times making cheese. And guess what? I really really liked it.

And I keep having dreams about my very own farm with chickens, ducks,  a few cows, maybe a pig or two…


I think not.

image from here.


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happy birthday hunny!

Happy Birthday Hunny! I hope we have as much fun today as we did in Hatteras:)

Love you!

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something new, well sort of

Hello and Happy Saturday! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

I just listed a bunch of new work on Etsy. They are new to etsy, but you have seen them here before…

Until next time:)

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you will be missed

This is long overdue, but one of the galleries I was in closed its doors for good last month. Rest in peace, The Wooden Cow, you will be missed.

But in other less depressing news, The Octopus and The Fox, another little boutique I have work in, has their website up and running. (Bios and everything, friends) What’s really cool is that they are going to be offering some sweet classes. So if you are in the ABQ area, check it out:)

Speaking of sweet classes in the ABQ, i just discovered ABQ Old School. If you want to get down on canning, bread making, or backyard chicken coops, this is the place to start. Local personality Don Schrader even teaches a class:)

gotta love it.

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i love this song

SO I have spent the last week applying for scholarships. Not terribly fun. Hopefully at least one of them will come through.

But music and the discovery of Menchie’s got me through it.

Aside from overly enjoying Miguel’s “Sure Thing”, (come on ladies, I know you love that song…), I am loving The Jezabels. Just listen to this…

Have a good one!

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heading north



Time for the last of the pictures.



After Savannah, we began out trek back up North to D.C.. So we drove straight through Georgia (sorry GA, we didn’t stop to see much of you), up to Tennessee. We had decided earl into the trip planning process that we were definitely going to Tennessee because we wanted to see these guys…

So we stayed with our friends Wayne and Alison in Murfreesboro, TN. It is an adorable town like 20 minutes from Nashville. Naturally, we had to explore the Country Capitol. In the above pic, we are actually in Nashville, at Doc Holiday’s Bar (“I’m your huckleberry”).

After spending a few days with them (and going to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, AWESOME) we drove up through Knoxville (where we had some delicious banana pudding) and saw this..

pretty much everywhere. Tennessee is Gorgeous! This was taking at a rest stop off of a highway.

Richmond, VA

Richmond was kind of a wildcard. I wanted to go there, but didn’t know really what to expect.

I got great food there…

(these were probably the best ribs I will ever have, that good)

And we went on a Canal Tour…

And went to the Lewis C. Ginter Botanical Gardens. They were worth it.

To my surprise, we saw a sculpture installation by Patrick Dougherty in the works…

I love watching people work:)

From there we drove back to D.C., wandered around the museums some more, and flew home. To be honest, I was really missing Richard and the Cats, so I was completely ready for vacation to end.

Until Next TIme Friends…


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southern belle

Happy Saturday! I actually got to sleep in until 6:30 am today! Oh yeah baby!

But seriously, that was me sleeping in.

So we are on to some new pictures, I am thinking Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia…


is beautiful. I know the pictures I have don’t do it justice. 

The historic downtown was so kept and scenic. Everything was so picturesque.

And let me tell you, we had some KILLER food while we were there. The Shrimp and Grits at The Hominy Grill lived up to their reputation. Fried chicken livers?? Yes please.

Oh, and it would be a sin to forget the Buttermilk Pie.


I was so excited to go to Savannah, it had been my idea after all. But after Charleston, it had a lot to live up to.

It was pretty and historical, just like Charleston. There are squares every couple of blocks downtown with trees and benches and fountains. There are brick streets and bridges and beautiful parks. There is an Outback Steakhouse right in the historic district. Wait? What?

Yeah. It kind of ruined the mood. And I get it. Historic Savannah is more of a tourist destination, whereas Historic Charleston is a residential neighborhood. It is liable to have these large chains hanging around it. But when it comes down to it y’all, I would rather spend a week in Charleston eating Low Country/Gullah cuisine. yummmm. But it was still amazing.

Until next time….


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pictures, continued

Well, I am back, exceeding my own expectations. So we are on to some new pictures…

Hatteras, North Carolina

Driving down through the Outer Banks was so cool. And the houses are amazing. Nights in Rodanthe anyone?

We had so much fun playing on the beach….

Ocean Isle, North Carolina

And Ocean Isle was so relaxing. Man, I love the beach.




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i think i remember you from a long, long time ago

Why hello strangers! I was gone for a LONG time. I neglected my blog, and I am sorry. But to be honest, the break was really very nice.

I finally have pictures of the EPIC ROAD TRIP that Sean and I went on. I think I will split them into a couple of posts, just because I can. But before I share those, I need to say a little something. This blog is probably going to change a bit. I don’t think I am going to have a posting schedule like I had before. I will try to do DIY’s, but I can’t promise one every week. The same goes for the Five Faves and W.I.P.’s. I was getting too worked up about the blog and I wasn’t really enjoying it.

Plus, it’s official, I have registered for school. I am finally going to get my degree done.( Yes, I was in school before but I was only a part-time student.) And I don’t think I can commit to going back to school full-time (queue nightmares), in addition to work AND continue to publish on the blog like I was.

We will just have to see together.

Now, fun pictures of places I want to be.

Washington DC

Sean and I started our vacation in Washington D.C. and I think we saw nearly everything. (I know that is impossible, but we did se A LOT)…we trekked. Here are some of the highlights.

(didn’t Sean take a great picture? He took all of these by the way)

We got right up on the front lawn:) Not really.

The Calder Room in the National Gallery was pretty amazing…

And we saw so much more. I am pretty sure my brain exploded after those few days in D.C..

Virginia Beach

Impressions: Highly Manicured. Touristy. But great nonetheless. It had been a while since I had seen the ocean.

We had a great view from our room. And free bike rentals. So of course we biked along the beach.

We walked on the barefoot on the beach.

That’s all for now folks:)


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